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Facebook is majorly known for its social media functions but has grown to be quite versatile. Other than keeping you connected with friends and family, it also provides a platform for buying and selling items, sending and receiving money, playing games, etc. Of all the aforementioned functions, the latter is of interest as far as this post is concerned.

Facebook offers a slew of games to be played by its users. These games range from cards games, quiz games and to games which allow you to build virtual forms. They can be freely played and shared with friends.

Most of these games are made available by game developers in conjunction with Facebook to offer Facebook users a large series of games. Some developers do not necessarily create games so they could be played on Facebook, but decided to use Facebook, is a major social media site, to showcase them.

As such, you can find most Facebook games on the developers’ websites and many of the games are even available for downloads for mobile phones.

Facebook games can be accessed from the Facebook Gameroom. The Facebook Gameroom is within the Facebook site.

Game List On Facebook Gameroom

  • Sudoku game
  • Master archer
  • Jewel academy
  • Super dash
  • Word a lot express
  • Bat climb
  • Mahjong trails blitz.

To see updates on your games and those of your friends, use the “Games” filter available on the news feed screen. If you have a hidden game from your news feed, remove it from the hidden list to restore its updates.

Accessing Facebook Games on Facebook Gameroom

To access Facebook games, follow the steps below;

  • Go to the Facebook home page.
  • Click on “Games section” on the left-hand menu under Explore.
  • When you get to the game page, select “Instant games” tab at the top.
  • A list of games available to be played will be displayed.
  • Click on the “Play now” button.

Once you click on the play now, you’ll get to play Facebook games in a browser pop-up window. When you are done playing, just click on “X” bar at the top of the page to close the page.

If you are logged into Facebook your scores will be saved for certain games and will appear on your news feed. The most interesting thing is that you don’t have to load a separate page or install an app when playing Facebook games, you can play the game in Facebook Gamerooms.

How to Remove Games from Your Hidden List

  • Sign in to your Facebook account, the site will automatically direct you to the home page.
  • Click on “Most recent’ link at the top of the news feed.
  • Select “Games” from the menu bar. Facebook will refresh your game applications.
  • Return a game that you previously hid to your news feed by clicking on the “Most recent” link and selecting “Edit” option.
  • Scroll down to the “Apps” section and click the “X” bar next to a game to remove the game from your hidden list.

All updates from that game will once again appear in your feed.

Play Messenger games with a Friend on Facebook Messenger App

If bored, you could always visit the Facebook Gameroom to find a friend to play Facebook games with through the Messenger App.

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