How To Turn On Dark Mode On Facebook – Facebook Dark Mode On

How annoying it is to be having private talks with your friends on Facebook only to notice that someone seated beside you in a public shuttle, conference hall, classroom, etc. ha been prying into your every conversation.

Facebook dark mode aims at bringing an end to every form of inconvenience you might likely face while online including protecting your eye from every form of strain.

The Facebook Dark Mode is a display on the layout whereby your theme or wallpaper is black. All categories that you will see on the Facebook platform on your device will be viewed or shown as black.

It adds beauty and glamour to your Facebook homepage and also messages inbox. Everything on the Facebook messenger including the menus and chats will turn black when dark mode is activated.

Facebook Dark Mode

Now you might or may be asking yourself how to turn on the dar mode on Facebook. Well, that is not a problem if you are interested in knowing how to turn dark mode on or active on Facebook.

Now today what I will be discussing with you is how you can easily turn Dark mode active on Facebook. But before we continue there are things you must know to get your dark mode on the Facebook platform.

Is Facebook dark mode free? So many users out there find it hard to believe that the dark mode service on the Facebook platform is free but costs a fee. Well, this will surprise but this feature is free and does not cost any annual fee to access or make use of it.

Also to make use of this feature you must be a Facebook registered user on the Facebook platform. If you are not a Facebook user then you can’t make use of the Dark mode. But if you will like to be one then you should continue reading this article.

How to Create Facebook Account 

Well if you want to be a Facebook user or a registered user on Facebook, then you must create a Facebook account. Creating a Facebook account is very easy and simple but you must know the steps on how to do so. Just follow these steps that are stated below:

  • Go to the Facebook website
  • Then you must now click the “Create a new account” or “sign up”.
  • After just begin to fill in your details as stated on the page.
  • When you are done filling the page, just click “sign up” again.
  • Also, then verify your sign up or creation of account.
  • After this then you will be welcomed to the Facebook platform.

Facebook Login

If you find it hard to access or login to your Facebook account and you want to do so. Then all you must do is to follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Facebook website
  • Then enter your details, email or phone number and also your password.
  • After that then you should click the “login” or “sign-in” button.

 Turn on Dark Mode on Facebook

Facebook Dark Mode On is simple to do. It only requires a few clicks and the Facebook original app. Most people do not know how to turn on this dark mode. There is a way to work around this and turn on this dark mode. The steps to do this are below.

On Android

  • After you have downloaded and installed the app on your android device, tap on it to open it.
  • Login your account by entering your username and account password into the boxes required then hit the login button.
  • Once you are signed in, tap on the menu icon (three horizontal dots) and tap on settings.
  • Tap General and go to themes.
  • You should now see a pop-up with a list of themes. From the pop-u, tap on “AMOLED”.

On iOS

  • Turn on your iOS device and go to the settings page.
  • From the settings page, tap “Accessibility”.
  • Tap on “Display & Brightness”.
  • Select the radio button under dark and you will be able to enjoy Facebook in dark mode.

Give your Facebook messenger a new and great theme by just activating the dark mode,  You should know that the popularity of this dark mode feature is straight forward and it makes it easy for you to enjoy the Facebook app at night. This dark mode dims the screen and tones down colors.

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